Congrats Kenny!

By |Published On: July 12, 2021|

We would like to congratulate Kenny Paddle-Grant, who is a recipient of the ‘Charlotte Uens Award’ and the ‘Werk Poole Student Bursary’.

The ‘Charlotte Uens Award’ is awarded to graduating students of Napanee District Secondary School (NDSS) who have been accepted into a university, college, or apprenticeship program, who demonstrate financial need, academic competence and participation in extracurricular activities (school, community, work, volunteer, etc.).

Werk Poole was a leader in the Napanee community for many years, and the Chief Financial Officer at Gibbard’s Furniture, Napanee.

In 2004, The Werk Poole Student Bursary Fund was established with the Napanee District Community Foundation as a tribute to his leadership in the Napanee community.

The Werk Poole Student Bursary Award is awarded annually to a graduating high-school student who is a resident of Lennox and Addington County and has been accepted into a Leadership Training Program. The student will have demonstrated knowledge of, and interest in, the qualities inherent in leadership roles. Significant community ties and volunteer experience would be possible indicators of a student’s commitment to a leadership program.

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