Ways to Give

When you give a little your community gains a lot. As a volunteer-driven charitable organization, we rely on donors to help ensure our community always has access to funding. By setting up your own fund or supporting an existing fund, you can streamline and increase the impact of your donation.

The diversity of our funds means we are able to meet the needs of the community while simultaneously helping you meet your charitable goals. You have the freedom to choose a cause you’re passionate about or leave it to us to determine the best use of your gift.

We manage 39 endowed funds and continue to work with individual and corporate donors to create new grants, scholarships and bursaries.

Grant Recipients
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Addresses local needs as they arise, including emergency and recovery services

Support a specific charitable organization or cause close to your heart.

Build a new fund by pledging small amounts over time.

Make recommendations for the type of cause you’d like to support and we’ll find the appropriate recipient.

Help turn around troubling trends in our community. Our 2019 Vital Signs focus group identified three funds addressing the immediate local needs.

Additional Giving Options And Benefits

  • What You Can Give: Cash, stocks, bonds, real estate, or other assets.
  • Benefits: Your gift qualifies for maximum charitable benefits under federal law.
  • How It Works: Donate appreciated securities to eliminate capital gains tax.
  • Immediate Benefit: Receive an immediate tax receipt for the market value of the securities.
  • Estate Planning: Designate a meaningful gift or a portion of your estate to the Foundation.
  • Tax Advantages: Potentially receive a substantial reduction in federal gift and estate taxes.
  • Estate Tax Reduction: Designate the Foundation to receive all or part of your life insurance proceeds, reducing estate taxes.
  • Policy Transfer: Transfer the policy to the Foundation’s name and get an immediate tax receipt for its cash surrender value.
  • Establishing the Trust: Place cash or property in a trust that pays you (or another beneficiary) annual income for life.
  • Posthumous Giving: After your death, the trust’s remainder is transferred to Community Foundation and placed in a charitable fund of your choice.
  • Tax Benefits: Receive income tax benefits in the year you establish your trust.
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